Pulloxhill is a village in Central Bedfordshire, U.K. It consists of about 1000 people in about 440 houses. Pulloxhill is a vibrant village supporting a wide range of community groups and events.

Some interesting information about Pulloxhill is available at http://www.bedfordshire.gov.uk/CommunityAndLiving/ArchivesAndRecordOffice/CommunityArchives/Pulloxhill/PulloxhillIndexOfPages.aspx

Pulloxhill Parish Council represents the people of Pulloxhill. It provides input into planning, highways and similar, and liaises with Central Bedfordshire Councillors and services. The council provides a recreation ground, small clubhouse (The Shelter) and allotments and also owns and manages Rushymeade nature reserve.

This website provides general information about Pulloxhill and its Parish council. It contains both primary information and contact details and links to other relevant websites. The aim of the website is to provide an overview of the village, rather than breaking news which is left to others.

Should you wish to add anything to this site, or make corrections/updates, please contact the Parish Clerk.